ITF stands for Industry Technology Facilitator. The company focuses on finding out what the main technology challenges are in different areas of the world and works to address these by developing cutting-edge technological and talent solutions.

As Regional Director, based in Abu Dhabi, I lead on developing business opportunities throughout the Middle East and South East Asia; working to bring new technology into the industry on behalf of the ITF membership body. The requirements of each geographic area are very different, so the job is really varied. I enjoy living and working in another country as it’s great to experience different cultures.

I would say the key skills required to do my role are: good interpersonal skills and the ability to build strong relationships and problem solve. I like the fact my job is challenging as it gives me the extra push to succeed.

If you have the drive to learn, the oil and gas industry is the place for you. There are so many opportunities available to progress your career and a vast amount of job roles to choose from.