As a Diving Operations Development Engineer with Bibby Offshore, my role mainly focusses on developing diving practices, in order to produce leading industry standards. I am also responsible for producing, implementing and commissioning operational procedures for subsea projects, whilst ensuring that Bibby Offshore are up to date with industry guidance and stipulations. I thoroughly enjoy my role as it gives me the opportunity to implement industry leading standards and I have the opportunity to work with a great team of people.

In order to undertake my role competently, there are a number of training programmes that I have completed, these include; closed bell diver, offshore survival and fire fighting, inspection diver and diver medic courses. Over and above these, I also have an MSc in Project Management which has proven to be of huge benefit to me in my career as much of the work undertaken in the industry is project based and involves operating to tight deadlines and budgets.

Success in this industry is dependent on the ability to work well within a team of people and I feel my conscientious and approachable nature helps me to remain a good supportive colleague. I am also a determined and very focussed person which is important in an industry that can provide complex challenges on a daily basis.