Working as a Senior Process Engineer with Atkins gives me a really varied and interesting career. I work mostly at a computer, doing calculations, computer modelling and writing reports, but also get the opportunity to go offshore and take part in client visits.

The top 3 skills required for the job are problem solving, organisation and communication. I am based in the oil and gas design and operations support team. This is great because it’s a multi-disciplinary team which means I get to work alongside a diverse set of really interesting people.

I didn’t set out to be an Engineer; I wanted to become a teacher, however, whilst at university I was given an Engineering placement and really enjoyed it. This had a big influence on my chosen career path.

The best thing about working in the oil and gas industry is that it gives you the opportunity to be paid to learn. Technology is always moving on so every day is different and I am constantly learning new things – it’s exciting.

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