How did you get to where you are today?

I certainly haven’t followed the typical conventional route into O&G. After studying Languages at University, I moved to Italy and took up a position with the World Food Programme the humanitarian food aid agency of the United Nations. I worked in logistics, and my flair and natural ability for languages meant I picked up Italian which would be my fourth language in addition to English, French and German. After 3 years overseas I returned to Aberdeen for my first position in O&G with Schlumberger. I worked in logistics, and moved quickly into Project Management. I deepened my project management skills through managing many different types of project and teams, both in UK and overseas. I now work for Wood in Aberdeen supporting projects in North and Central Africa. My organisation and people skills make me an effective project manager; I enjoy being part of a successful team and driving continuous improvement.

What interested you about the oil and gas industry?

Born and bred in the North East of Scotland, O&G has been one of the industries I have always been aware of, and my interest started from a young age. Returning to the North East after many years overseas meant I was suitably qualified and experience for a position in this fast paced, forward thinking and innovative industry. The global footprint and vast opportunities that come with it is a huge attraction to me.

Memorable decisions or moments in your career:

A memorable decision took place in 2008 when I first was introduced to the concept of project management during a training course in Malaysia. It was at that point I decided I wanted to be move into Project Management as a career. More recently a memorable moment was in summer of 2017 when I finally had the opportunity to travel and work offshore. My offshore debut took place offshore Cameroon in Central Africa this year. Flying high over the Gulf of Guinea in 30 degree heat towards my destination of a FSO (Floating, Storage and Offloading) vessel, I really had to pinch myself to think how lucky I was to be able to do this as a job, offering me exciting and varied opportunities.

Any advice for people looking to start a career in the oil and gas industry?

My advice would be to speak to as many people working in this industry as possible. O&G is filled with so many interesting, diverse and talented people, but no two individuals have the same story. Find out as much as you can from these people, about their job, their journey, and what motivates them