My career began in 1990 with an apprenticeship at British Gas. I became a service engineer after three years and later took the opportunity to move into the oil and gas industry. I trained as a Wireline Operator while working offshore (UK) - running electric line logging and perforating tools. I then began working at Proserv when I took an onshore role as service technician. When I expressed a desire to undertake further studies relevant to my work Proserv offered to sponsor night classes: a steady progression through the stages of HNC, HND and finally BEng, over a six-year period. This period of study through night classes was rewarded by the opportunity to take a role as project engineer at Proserv.

As the company grew and our engineering team developed, the need for an engineering team leader was identified. This coincided with the final stages of my part-time MBA studies at RGU, and I felt this opportunity to work as an engineering team leader was one I would value and enjoy. The role involves working within a team of individuals, with varying skill sets and personalities.

Be sure to stay active in your work, studies and hobbies, and opportunities will present themselves. Keep your eyes open to you can see these opportunities, and then be prepared to take them. Enjoy your work. Challenge yourself to get something done every hour/day/week.