My job involves looking after the integrity of the platform, painting and insulating pipe work and other materials, making sure rust doesn’t take hold and ensuring standards are in-line with health and safety regulations.

I started working in the oil and gas industry in the 1980s for a painting and blasting firm then moved to RBG to work in a ship yard. From there I got the opportunity to travel offshore and I haven’t looked back. I’ve been working offshore for 15 years now and absolutely love my job. I really like the fact I get a whole two weeks off to spend time with my family and catch up on the football.

The role is busy, challenging and at times it’s pretty dirty, however it comes with excellent rewards which make it all worthwhile. I spent some time working in Tunisia, which I enjoyed and the company I work for has contracts in a number of other countries including Trinidad, Tobago and Russia. There are a lot of travel opportunities out there.

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