Early Years

I have known of Chevron since a young age – my Grandad was very proud to work for the company.  His colleagues were like a second family and he was really impressed with how employees were cared about and treated as equals regardless of status.  In my experience, after two generations, the company’s values are still the same.

Day 1

I joined Chevron as a Geotechnical IT Analyst, providing application support to geologists, geophysicists and reservoir engineers.  Before long, with support from colleagues and peers across the globe, I was responsible for upgrading our main interpretation platform to the latest major release, both in Aberdeen and Norway. 

Horizons for IT

The Horizons program helped me to grow professionally.  There is a mix of soft skills development, Oil & Gas training to give an understanding of the industry we work in, and tailored IT-specific courses.  The company recognizes that IT encompasses a wide range of disciplines, so the program is flexible to allow you to select courses that fit your area of expertise.

Career Progression

During my 5 years on the Horizons program I have enjoyed roles in application support and data management, which have given me a solid understanding of subsurface data and how it is used in Chevron.  Since graduating from Horizons I have moved into the role of Subsurface Data Management Co-ordinator, to take my years of training and apply them in implementing new solutions to better manage our subsurface data.  The industry recognizes the need for good data management and Chevron have recently sponsored the development of a new MSc course (Petroleum Data Management) at the University of Aberdeen.  It’s an exciting time as the industry is looking at ways of getting more from their data, with cloud computing, data science and analytics all on the horizon.