The challenge of the offshore environment

I have been working as a Horizons topsides facilities engineer on Chevron’s assets within the North Sea since September 2009. It is an extremely interesting role as the offshore environment provides a number of unique challenges with regards to equipment design and installation and overcoming these is always enjoyable.

Before joining Chevron, I undertook a number of industrial internships in a variety of field locations (Norway, US and Ecuador) where I worked across all phases of processing equipment.  These assignments enabled me to develop my knowledge of production equipment and the role it plays in enhancing oil and gas recovery. Applying this, in an offshore environment, has further developed my understanding and made me aware of the important role equipment footprint, strict scheduling and manpower planning  has when ensuring the effective and efficient completion of projects.

In my current role, as a rotating equipment support engineer, I engage daily with our offshore operations teams to provide assistance in acquiring pumps, compressors and repairs kits. Collaboration with vendors, offshore and operations is key when carrying out planned maintenance and assessing the reliability of each piece of equipment – enabling us to predict and prevent any production downtime. Every day brings different challenges and opportunities making the role fast paced and exciting.

Learning something new every day

The development of my technical and project management skills on Chevron’s Horizons programme has been second to none. I have participated in technical courses, practical equipment training and had the opportunity to undertake a secondment to a large engineering service company that provides contract support to Chevron. This experience improved my understanding of the service side of the industry and gave me an insight into the important role productive relationships, between the operator and contractor, play when managing a project to successful completion.

Throughout my training I’ve been able to meet Horizons graduates from around the world and discuss with them their roles as engineers, sharing and comparing learning experiences and work placements, and broadening my awareness of the opportunities on offer at Chevron.

Looking towards the future

At Chevron your career is important and the company’s commitment to providing its employees with mentors and supervisors, who have an interest in your training and work experience, further reinforces this.

If you are driven and prepared to challenge yourself, opportunities will arise. I have recently been tasked with the role of a focal project manager for a major turbine overhaul offshore – which will test my aptitude and demonstrate the skills I have developed over the last few years. Continuous opportunities like these make the horizon look very bright for a long term career at Chevron.