What do you know about the Subsea Industry?

Subsea UK, the industry body for the British subsea industry, states that within this sector alone there are over 750 companies and in the UK, it boasts annual revenues of a whopping £8.9 billion - pretty impressive stuff.

The subsea sector is known for its innovative technologies, with the offshore industry using  technology as early as the 1970’s to extract oil and gas reserves which lie beneath the seabed. There are numerous benefits associated with subsea, such as being able to drill in deeper waters, saving money by using subsea equipment instead of a fixed or floating platforms and it can also increase production from mature or marginal fields.

There are lots of different types of subsea processes including subsea water removal and re-injection or disposal, single-phase and multi-phase boosting of well fluids, sand and solid separation, gas/liquid separation and boosting, and gas treatment and compression.*

Ahead of the Subsea UK Subsea Expo conference in Aberdeen next week, we hope you have learnt a little more about the subsea sector, and how it ties into the oil and gas industry. OPITO’s next Energise Your Future event is taking place during Subsea Expo, and will see 250 school pupils from Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Moray and Fife get the opportunity to meet individuals from a host of subsea organisations and learn more about what they do.  If you are interested in attending careers events such as Energise Your Future, check out our Events section which is updated regularly with the latest OPITO events.

If you are interested in subsea and would like to learn more, below are some websites to visit:

Subsea UK http://www.subseauk.com/

Oil and Gas UK http://oilandgasuk.co.uk/knowledgecentre/subsea.cfm

*Rigzone (2016): http://www.rigzone.com/training/insight.asp?insight_id=327&c_id=17

Subsea Target http://www.subseatarget.com/learn-more-about-the-sector/