Reservoir Engineer

Converts geological data into models to show how oil, gas and water are distributed within a resevoir. Predicts the flow of fluid through rocks by creating simulation models and analysing production history.

  • Typical Day/Duties
  • How this role fits in with the rest of the industry
  • Basic entry requirements include (necessary)
  • Employers might also look for (desirable)
  • Typical starting salary may be in the region of
  • Typical Salary Once Experienced
  • Career Development
  • Develops economically viable plans
  • Forecasts oil and gas flow rates
  • Recommends well locations
  • Estimates oil and gas reserves
  • Analyses data

Works closely with other technical departments to find and extract oil and gas from existing fields as well as searching for potential new targets.  Mainly employed by Operators or Consultancy firms.

Degree in Engineering related discipline

  • Masters in Petroleum or Reservoir Engineering or related discipline

£25,000 - £30,000

£40,000 - £75,000

e.g. Senior Reservoir Engineer, Team Leader, Manager, Technical Specialist