Environmental Advisor

Environmental Advisors provide support, advice and guidance to companies in relation to environmental concerns and issues.

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  • Typical Day/Duties
  • How this role fits in with the rest of the industry
  • Basic entry requirements include (necessary)
  • Employers might also look for (desirable)
  • Typical starting salary may be in the region of
  • Typical Salary Once Experienced
  • Career Development
  • Conducts environmental assessments, site visits and audits and assesses the environmental impact of potential project plans
  • Maintains accurate records of activities to ensure compliance
  • Ensures that the environmental standards are being adhered to by all personnel
  • Provides support and advice regarding relevant legislation and considerations for projects and activities
  • Liaises with regulatory bodies eg Department of Energy and Climate Change, Health and Safety Executive, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Carries out incident investigations
  • Report writing

This role ensures that the environmental impact of technical and engineering project design and operations is fully considered and the impact on the environment is limited.   May be required to make site visits either offshore or onshore.

Degree or equivalent in related subject

  • Post graduate qualification in related subject

£23,000 - £30,000

£35,000 upwards

e.g. Senior Advisor, Environmental Consultant and Environmental Manager