Customer Service Coordinator

Provides timely support to customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the product or service and ensures that any complaints and queries are dealt with promptly.

  • Typical Day/Duties
  • How this role fits in with the rest of the industry
  • Basic entry requirements include (necessary)
  • Employers might also look for (desirable)
  • Typical starting salary may be in the region of
  • Typical Salary Once Experienced
  • Career Development
  • Prioritises and supports customer enquiries via email in timely manner
  • Handles incoming calls and refers callers to appropriate department or personnel
  • Solves customer problems relating to the product or service in a timely manner
  • Updates customer accounts and amends orders as appropriate
  • Investigates customer complaints in a timely manner ensuring a satisfactory outcome
  • Ensures in-depth knowledge of the products or services offered by the company
  • Prepares and maintains spreadsheets, reports, relevant databases
  • Liaises with other teams or departments on a regular basis

Ensuring that customers are satisfied with the products or services is essential for retaining existing and gaining new business for future company success.

  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Good IT skills
  • Good organisation and administration skills
  • Good attention to detail/produces accurate work
  • NVQ (or equivalent) in Customer Service
  • Foreign language skills

£12,000 - £17,000

£18,000 - £30,000

Customer Service Supervisor, Team Lead or Manager