Life Onshore and Offshore

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of careers in the oil and gas industry are based onshore rather than offshore.

According to an industry report published 2017, only 8% of industry roles are based offshore! 

There are a huge breadth of rewarding roles within the oil and gas industry  and although many of them are based in oil hubs such as Aberdeen and the East of England, exciting careers are found all across the world!

Although engineering and technical roles make up a key part of the industry, there are a whole range of careers available for those who have skills in other areas. Oil companies employ lawyers, accountants, geologists, electricians, medics, crane operators, mechanics, divers and designers – to name a few – so there will almost certainly be jobs relevant to your interests.

Entry levels also vary, so depending on the career you wish to pursue, you can join the industry straight from school or following completion of an apprenticeship, college course or degree.