Energise Your Future

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A talented and enthusiastic workforce is one of the industry’s most important assets. OPITOs Energise Your Future (EYF) events bring together students and the oil and gas industry to inspire the next generation.

OPITOs EYF events have taken place across the UK, operating as a stand-alone event or within an exhibition, for example at the Offshore Europe Exhibition in Aberdeen. The format of the events involve companies from across the industry offering an interactive activity or presentation on their stand to small groups of students and school pupils.

Since the first EYF event in Aberdeen in 2008, more than 11,000 secondary school pupils in the UK have been inspired to find out more about the oil and gas industry.


Now in its 10th year, Energise Your Future (EYF) continues to inspire young people across the UK to find out more about a career in the energy sector. The first EYF of 2018 was held in Aberdeen at Subsea UK’s Subsea Expo, providingthe opportunity for groups of 13-17 year olds to interact with 12 companies and personnel who helped explain the vast array of roles and routes into the sector. 
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