Oil and Gas Training

The oil and gas industry strongly believes in the importance of personal and professional development.

There is a wide range of training available, ranging from short flexible courses through to full-time academic education.

Certain training is required in order to work offshore which includes the Minimum industry Safety Training (MIST) and the Basic offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET).

A lot of pupils will be keen to look at further eduction after school and there are loads of courses available across the UK to look at.  There are higher education institutes that feature oil and gas related undergraduate/postgraduate courses. To help you decide what is right for you visit UCAS, the organisation that helps applicants make the right choices.

There are also other options to gain qualifications in the industry without going into further education, check out the Oil and Gas Technical Apprenticeship Programme (OGTAP) for more practical and hands on training.