This month we are talking about how school pupils choose which subjects to study. 15/03/13

If you are thinking about further study when leaving school, each course/university or college has different entry requirements.  Why not do some research now so you align your school subjects t

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Employability Skills 22/02/13

Employability skills are the skills that dictate how we work within an organisation and how we deal with the challenges that our day-to-day roles will provide. During the recruitment process, an indi

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Have you got what it takes to work in oil and gas?

Have you got what it takes to work in oil and gas? 22/01/13

As the UK oil and gas industry continues to strive and the need to recruit skilled personnel becomes greater, individuals that have developed transferable skills from one industry are increasingly mov

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Oil & Gas Guide

Explore the different areas of Oil & Gas with this handy guide.

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